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Drocourt Porcelain Panelled Antique Carriage Clock

Drocourt Porcelain Panelled Antique Carriage Clock

The 8 day, striking and repeating movement is of typical high quality, striking the hours and halves on a gong, having a fine, English lever escapement with temperature-compensated, bi-metallic balance, blued steel hairspring and gold timing screws, the backplate stamped with the Drocourt logo and numbered 11334.
C.1880       Height: 7″ / 18cm

The gilt, canallee case is of outstanding quality and its beautiful, well defined engraving has retained a remarkable sharpness throughout. The side panels and dial are of porcelain, the bevel edged top glass has a highly decorative mask, a ‘one-way’ folding handle and a repeat button to the front.

drocourt porcelain panelled carriage clock

The panels are exquisitely painted in vibrant colours and depict a charming tale of young love. To the dial, a rural scene where we witness the kind act of a young peasant girl donating a coin to a crestfallen, destitute child.

drocourt porcelain panelled carriage clock right
Perhaps it is this act of charity which first attracts the attention of the wealthy young man in the right hand panel, for here we see him presenting our shy young maiden with a flower.

drocourt porcelain panelled carriage clock left

Resplendent in his silken breeches, his attempts to woo her continue as seen in the left hand panel where his persistence will be rewarded if she accepts his gift of two turtle doves, the ancient symbol of eternal love.

The dial centre bears the retailer’s name:
Rue de la Paix is a fashionable shopping esplanade in the heart of Paris. It dates from the early 19thc. and has been known for its exclusive jewellery establishments since its inception.
Pierre Drocourt and his son Alfred were amongst the finest French carriage clock makers of the late 19th century. They made complicated carriage clocks as well as ornate ones and were highly awarded at the Great Exhibitions in both Paris and London.

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