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The French Mantel Clock

The French clock owes its good reputation to the small, high quality movements that were produced in vast numbers. They were suited to being built into a large variety of cases styles, not only the very ornate that we associate with the French, but also increasingly to be bought in by the English and cased in English made cases to the English taste. These cases were often stylistic reproductions of earlier English bracket clock cases.
By the 1840′s the simple and very effective silk suspension on these French movements was being replaced by various adjustable spring suspension systems, but the earlier countwheel strike system must have been cheaper to produce than the rack, for it can be found on some of the very late (post World War 1) movements, although generally the countwheel had been superseded by the rack by circa 1860.
The French mass produced the components in purpose built factories in the provinces; these were then individually built up into movements there, but some unfinished movements were sent to be finished in Paris to a higher standard for the more expensive market.

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